EMERGE AND PROSPER: Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind


Hi my friend!! My name is Emogene and I believe that we all have a unique path in which we will take our journey to our destiny and prosperity. We are destined and equipped to reach any goal that spring forth from our spirit. The problem is we have gotten so out of tune with who we really are that we miss the cues in life that directs and guides us. Life happens and we may find ourselves physically tired, mentally drained and clueless as to the next step to take to pull ourselves out of the rut we have found ourselves in. Let me reassure you, that we at Emerge and Prosper has proven strategies and tools that will connect you to the DETERMINED AND POWERFUL YOU. We also believe that if you develop the leader, you will conquer the goal. The first leader is YOU.

We offer leadership development workshops and coaching sessions for youth and adults, ministry team leaders, and company team leads.  Research has proven when organizations invest in their leadership team leads and staff that efficiency, productivity and net profits increase. Individuals are a company’s biggest asset and let’s face it people can make or break a company or ministry.  As John C Maxwell, my mentor and thinking partner, says Leaders touch a heart before asking for a hand. Show your employees you care and contact the Emerge & Prosper Consulting Team and let meet and develop an action plan that will take you or your organization to the next level.

Emerge & Prosper Consulting

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