The Liquid Courage Vs. Living Water

Living with an invited spirit (liquid Courage) is damn right frustrating.  Yes, this spirit is so slick so manipulative and cunning.  It truly comes to kill steal and destroy.  This spirit has taunted me my whole life from infancy to adulthood.  I remember feeling like I am at my wit’s end; to be so young and feel at the end of your rope.  I wish I could have just made it go away.  Yes, I prayed and prayed that it would leave my family alone, but it was like a thorn in my little tender side.  This liquid spirit travels through generations to remind each generation of past hurts and to disrupts their future.  Yes, to be so young, I was so frustrated. How can something so smooth, sweet, bitter, dry, wet make someone laugh and make cry within seconds of each?  You know this spirit has a name: I call it the wet demon, some call it liquid courage (yes courage to act a damn fool) and some just call it what it is alcohol. Yes, I am talking about liquor in its worse form (in abundance). Yes, hard and soft. Yes, weak and strong.  This liquid demon has captured my family from generations past.  Talking about a generation curse, well hell, this is one the potions of the curse.

Talk about a liquid that has robbed a generation of happiness and often times the lives of loved ones.  This same liquid demon robbed me of my incubation period in my mother’s womb and rob me of knowing and playing with my twin sister.  It robbed me of a mother love and a father protection. This liquid courage gave my mother the false courage to momentarily push down the hurt of her childhood abuse, but to only magnify the need to have more of the liquid demon, because of the painful thoughts and the feeling that surfaced with a vengeance.  You see it was a catch 22 the more she drank the more she felt like she could move but the move last temporarily to only remind her of her shortcomings and faults.  You see the thief, robbed her little girl of her God-given right to feel protected, loved, cared for, and to connect with family. You see, it made those who consumed it believe that they were not hurting anyone.  They believe no harm was being done because in their mind they were not around, they were gone, and when they came back around… well HELL they couldn’t remember what happen… So it didn’t happen.  Not realizing that what they couldn’t remember that little girl remembered and often cried and had nightmares about it.  You see what she couldn’t remember, the little girl couldn’t forget.  One good thing the little girl could spot the spirit anywhere and at any time.  Yes, she has seen it on teachers, lawyers, friends, spouses, and yes herself.  You see the one thing that the little girl hated, she too began to be called to it.  You see it wasn’t stranger danger, you see, she had grown up with the liquid spirit so it was no stranger.  So to invite it in her life was almost normal and comfortable… So how normal is it to unconsciously search out for that spirit that has been a family member for so many years and through many generations.  Yes, so it only natural to meet the liquid demon at the altar and say your vows.. till death do us part.

The liquid spirit doesn’t want to leave now…he believes that you are his because after all, he had your mother, father, grandmother, and numerous other family members…

DAMN YOU LIQUID SPIRIT, you can’t have me or the next generation.   God’s Word has said that I am a new creature!!!  God says that both Satan and God can’t live in the temple of God called me.  God said that he will give us wisdom without finding fault in us, meaning that he is not looking for me to be perfect that I just must have a desire and want to have an intimate relationship with God. Because after each sip, your spirit begins to convict and deflate what God has strengthened to prosper and expand.  Although she has made a commitment not to place it in her mouth.. the liquid demon calls out and say ” you just need to relax, it’s okay.” BUT  you know what I know for sure that God has the real liquid courage, ” His word says if you come to me and drink you will not thirst anymore.”  The living water… tells me that greater is He that is in me than those that are in the world.  This is when the little girl now turned Women of God, she is truly strengthened from the depth of her soul and is able to say “NO” to the liquid demon and stand guard against him so not to touch her life or that of the next generation.

Yes, I hate the liquid spirit for what he has done to the little girl who was so alone and tried to find her way.   Now that little girl has found God and she is no longer alone and stands strong because of the living water. Not perfect but standing strong.   YES, LIVING WATER TRUMPS THE LIQUID DEMON.!!

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