Purpose: Fuel for my Dreams!!!!


What is Your Purpose?
When I think of my purpose, I think about what drive me to do what I do. What drives me to endure and push pass my trails. My purpose is embedded in my dream. The dreams that when given the opportunity propels my life and soars pass my goals and my limited belief system. My purpose defines me from the inside. It finds me when I fall into the pit of self-doubt and discouragement. It make my shoulders strong when I have the weight of the world hanging on them. My purpose makes me dream dreams that are big, loud, and in full color. There is nothing ordinary about my purpose. No longer will my belief system define my purpose. My purpose expands my belief systems.

Found It!!! My Purpose:
I have had many people ask me about how one knows they are walking in your purpose. I know everyone is different (that’s the beauty of the human race), but I couldn’t stop learning about leadership, living intentionally, and understanding one’s purpose. I was excited and could actually see myself teaching and coaching these skill sets and the positive affect it has on your life equipping you to conquer fear, self-hate and self-doubt. My mind and desires moved beyond me and my wants to focusing on adding value to others. I I knew I was walking in my purpose when my “reasons why” aligned within the Word of God. YES!! my purpose held strong and true.
I would read ever thing I got my hands on that was related to leadership, inner strength, purpose, and faith. And when I didn’t have enough time in the day to read, I would download audio books. My purpose was transforming me to who God wanted me to be and my spirit knew it. It was like giving birth. The struggle to filter through your limiting belief system and the emotional pain of trails to finally seeing my “WHY”. It was an immediate attraction that I couldn’t help but to hold on to. Yes, I became a stalker of my purpose, my WHY.  Knowing, understanding, and living in the plan that God has for you is a place of peace, energy, courage, and joy. I am not saying you are not going to have days where you feel discouraged or fearful, but that is the job of your purpose (your why) to fight when you can’t.

Knowing your WHY:
One must be careful to make sure that you are not living a dream or a calling that belongs to someone else. For instance, because I had received my Masters in Business Administration and people were always complimenting me on my financial gifts, abilities, and talents, I concluded that my purpose was to always do something around finances and taxes. Consequently, I started a DBA company that would focus on bookkeeping and tax services. I got my business card and made flyer but my heart wasn’t in it. I remember I use to catch myself thinking I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life, but I couldn’t get beyond the expectations that others had for me. Of course, the business didn’t grow or even sprout. I had no desire to push past difficulty; my dream was lacking passion and purpose.

During the same time frame, I had also started a women’s Ministry group called “Women of Life” and I absolutely loved it. Unknowingly, I was working in my passion to help women, to help them find their WHY. I just hadn’t connected the joy and drive to my purpose. I was to busy living on “autopilot.”
Through the many hours of sacrifice. Yes there is always a sacrifice for prosperity. Anything worthwhile is worth fighting for. The light came on for me when I began to stop and reflect and live intentionally with no excuses (there are some apologies). No more going through a day without doing something that would move me closer to my purpose to my WHY and to walk more intimately with God. Growth just doesn’t happen, you must make it happen. Your purpose is awaiting you, ready to move you beyond yourself and into GOD’S PLAN.

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