Annoyed!! Enough is Enough!!

Today, I feel a little annoyed with ignorance and insensitivity, especially from those who call themselves Christians (who proclaim to know better). Here is my letter to those who have made it their duty to take over the judgment seat of God. Let me say it a little differently, to those whose has taken over a seat, but not of God, and are spitting out their judgement on the unassuming baby Christian or those who are contemplating about developing a relationship with Christ, but after hearing you or seeing your actions has changed their mind. I have asked myself thirteen ways to Sunday how can one have the sweet loving spirit of Christ residing in their spirit, and use other people (Christians or not) to step on to feel a fake sense of power. News flash, you can’t hide yourself from yourself. Don’t be one of those individuals that set themselves at the head of the table, to be only set at the kids table near your bottle (I didn’t say milk bottle).
I am tired of hearing and watching others proclaiming the love of Christ and crush those who need Christ the most. God said he came for the sick. If you are so healed and full of Power then help and love on your sisters or brothers. Didn’t Satan get kicked out of heaven for being arrogant and thinking her knew better than God. WATCH OUT!!! We as Christians, me as a Christian, has gotten too complacent about what we allow to happen to those God has placed under our umbrella. When Jesus and the disciples saw the demons, they called them out. We just smirk and walk away. I say no more, our kids, family, coworkers, neighbors are being feed untruth by way a hearing nonsense or we accepting worldly behavior as if it was part of the Ten Commandments. I have observed sinful behavior being accepted and excused until someone close to you is doing it then its okay.What give you the right to judge others and make them feel less than because you are broken and unfilled. This should be the time when you cry out being completely open and honest with the Lord and seeking his wisdom. He is a God of Healing and Grace.

Too many of us are using our sisters and brothers as punching bags and calling it love. ITS NOT!!!… People are hurting; black, white, yellow, and brown, People. We are called to love each other and help, not to use your sister or brother as a measuring stick to make yourself feel bigger than what you are. Be satisfied being filled with the love of Christ and having the complete honor of serving Him and doing the assignment that He has for you. If we don’t reach out and love on those who are lost (unsaved), then who will? During this day and age, Satan and his minions are out in full force. So the next time you feel the need to put down or crush your sister and brother in love…Don’t!!. Be woman or man enough to call it what is truly is bitterness, depression, selfishness, unloving…Don’t call it love…GOD IS LOVE AND HE HAS NEVER TREATED ME THAT WAY.

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