Fighting Like a Small Blackbird!!!!


What does it mean to fight for one’s purpose and legacy? The kind of fighting I’m talking about has nothing to do with pulling off my ear rings or putting Vaseline on my face. I talking about believing in your abilities when statistic say otherwise, being strategic in your thoughts and plans, believing if God brought you to it , then He will see your through it. Being unapologetically bold all rolled all up in love. Let me give you an example of what I mean…
I was watching a special on National Geo about the top ten fearless birds. And the little blackbird demonstrated an enormous amount of perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds that kept him in within inches of his biggest adversary, a large bird I believe it was an eagle. I watched as the commentator said the Eagle had gotten to close to the Blackbirds nest, where his little chickie lay (its legacy). I watched as this little bird with great confidence and courage strategically place itself over the back of the large bird and continually struck the larger birds on the head with his beck. Even when being pecked in the head, the eagle was persistent on making a quick lunch out of the small bird chicks, but the small bird was not having it. This little bird was determined at all cost to protect its defenseless offspring, it legacy. At the end of the segment, the small bird succeeded in driving away the eagle. The little bird held tight to its belief system, abilities, and potential that attributed to his chicks (legacy) being unharmed.
Much like the small bird, I too had my personal struggles in the face of daunting odd, but overcame. I grew up very poor and virtually alone, hunger, largely disheveled and unkept, with minimal protection from lurking predators. With no living concept of the future, tomorrow was a dream and prosperity was an attribute that was reserved for the affluent. Unlike the little bird, when I was growing up, I felt like my ability to dream and hope where being snatched right out of my nest of life. My life was being stolen right in plain sight (By nay Sayers and those who eat dreams of those who appear weak (bully’s). The thieves/ predators/ bullies didn’t hide a lot of the time, they just saw the fear in my eyes and the emptiness in my soul and robbed me of my self-esteem, self-worth, and voice. In being transparent, I would sometimes offer up my dreams for false security and love.
Although, I struggled with self-doubt, low self-esteem, and the need to wait for other to tell me I was good enough, I too, like the little bird, had a fight in me that outweigh all statistics and naysayers. I knew without a shadow of doubt that I had the Holy Spirit protecting and guiding me. I too begin to fight strategically and with purpose. I enrolled in college and made a purposeful decision that my life was worth saving and I was lovable, kind and intelligent. I became the first in my family to finish high school and college, receive my Masters in Business Administration. I have had a wonderful career as a Budget and Resource Manager, now as a business owner, and Certified Leadership Trainer, Speaker, and Coach.

I strive each day to live intentionally, focus on my goal, and to faithfully stay in the will of God. All that I do and say is connected to my purpose and legacy. My purpose is to make those lives whom I come in contact with or build a relationship better, growth focused, and intentional. I acknowledge that in the grand scheme of things I might be small, but much like the little bird I am a force to be reckoned with when it comes to my purpose and legacy. I am powerfully committed and relentless in my personal growth, reaching my goals, and my purpose for which God has placed me on this earth. I am connected to God almighty, whom has all power, resources, wisdom and knowledge. I’m preparing to leave a powerful legacy that knows how to intentionally and unapologetically fight a good fight for the next generation (legacy). I will not bow to fear, nor will I succumb to self-hate. I am fearfully, wonderfully and skillfully made, with infinite potential poured into me by God.
I thank God every day for the wonderful lesson that was taught to me by the little blackbird. I hope my story speaks to your purpose, your motivation, your instinct, your initiatives, your innate gifts abilities and talents. Make your journey courageous and prosperous. It’s your choice!!! You have been given all need to fight a good fight and be victorious. FIGHT LIKE THE LITTLE BIRD!!!

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