Your Purpose….Beware of Distractions


Have you ever felt alone while fighting a battle that you totally believe is your divine assignment and purpose for being born? You understand and believe that your innate skills, abilities, and talents where given to you for such a time as this. This year, this month, and this moment. Having a divine assignment (your dream) doesn’t mean everything is going to move or go smoothly. In actuality, it means the opposite, because you have an enemy (called Satan) that doesn’t want you to get to your divine calling (your dream). To walk in your purpose (dreams) means you will leave a legacy that much stronger and ready to multiple and spread the seed of wisdom and prosperity. In order to stay and walk in your divine purpose and destiny you must stay alert and be willing to encourage yourself. The path that you are walking in and toward is not meant for everyone even, although they could be close to you. This doesn’t mean that these individuals will not gain or be enriched and blessed, it just mean the fight to live and stay in your purpose (your dreams/ your goals) will rest on your shoulders (your strength). I say this because sometimes we expect or desire others to affirm or agree to what we are doing or the direction and method in which we choose to get there. I am not saying these individuals doesn’t love you; it just mean your assignment is for you. It’s a divine assignment that will have supernatural results and outcomes if the assignment is completed.

I mentioned earlier to be alert because you could easily slip into bitterness, depression, or worse, working on autopilot because of adverse reactions. A couple of questions I ask myself when I feel like I’m ready to quit. I first check my “WHY”. Why is my dream so important to me? Is my dream prosper me, my family, and others? Will my legacy be better off because of my dream? Then I ask myself “WHAT”. What happened that brought about the feelings of discouragement or being unmotivated. Is God trying to reveal a weakness or hurt that He is ready to strengthen me to conquer or overcome? I then take some time to connect to my power sources (God) by praying, reading the bible, and meditating. I believe intentionally acting and speaking with purpose is a key to overcoming one’s heart hurts and fears. I will not link arms with discouragement and fear, but I choice to walk in faith believing that my dream has already been assigned the necessary provision needed for manifestation and it is already working for the good.

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