Clarity and Purpose

clarity-choosing-your-path-picand-quote-iiHave you ever had a conversation with someone and you thought you were on the same page (in agreement with a certain topic), but then they say something or do something that you realize “What the What”, Wait!! Wait!!! That is not what I was talking about or the point I was trying to make. At first, you experience shock and your mind search for clarity…Did I hear this correctly? …Did they just do that?…Then it hits you and you see it clearly; I was way off regarding the meaning of the conversation. Now, I must stop and bring clarity to the conversation and let my true point of view be know. You know in an instance that you don’t want the conversation to continue to move in the direction that it is going. So you begin to interject your thought or belief into the conversation. You do this to project the true you (Integrity)….
As I was thinking about this today, I realize this is what clarity does for personal goal and growth. Clarity is knowing what you want and how it is embedded in your DNA (Who you are). You are not easy swayed and you energy flows toward the goals because it’s natural and empowering. You can easily distinguish between when you are moving toward and moving away from your goals or purpose. You know what questions to ask even when you don’t quite know what the next steps are. But to be honest, you are actually drawn to the next steps. You stay true to who you are, your purpose, and to your future legacy. I don’t want to make it sounds like “clarity of your purpose” just happen or it’s just automatic. NO, Its takes some intentionality; it takes putting in some work (i.e., reading books, listen to sermons, investing in a personal coach, enrolling in workshops) but the payment is worth more than the price. People who have clarity of purpose align their daily habits in a manner that will cause them to effectively reach that which they are desiring and that brings good to those under their umbrella. You are actually working against your purpose and goals when you allow yourself to function on autopilot and allow life to just happen…..Turn off the autopilot, become clear in who you are and your purpose….True Happiness and fulfillment Awaits YOU!!!!

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