Which Lion is fighting For Your Purpose?

cowardly-lionI love the movie called the “Wizard of Oz”. The Lion was one of the characters that I enjoyed the most and that also taught me a great lesson. OK, there is the lion in the forest (his natural habitat) and the lion in OZ (different environment). The lion’s natural environment was not a conducive environment for growth. This is where he tried to fake it until he made it (we all know that don’t work). He was really consumed with self-doubt, low self-esteem and fears. His loud noise and tough act was a cover to make him appear to be king of the jungle, when actually he was a coward. When the lion was confronted, the real him showed up and he coward down and quit. BUT!!! The lion meet mentors/friends and was persuaded to leave this unhealthy environment. He got scared, but he didn’t quit (his mentors encouraged him), he cried and ran, but he faced his fear and pushed pass his self-doubt. Then eventually he meet Oz, who gave him courage which he had all along. Oz reminded him what was already in him; his God given gift, abilities, and talents. He just needed help in seeing the courage that he already possessed. Once he realized that he was a mighty lion, he begin to walk in his destiny of being a king. Instead of the king of the jungle, he was king of OZ. The long short of this is that you will never know your strength until you have something to measure it against. By connecting to the Divine Power, walking in your strength and courage, and pushing pass your fear, you will then begin to walk in your divine purpose and produce a powerful legacy. Fight for your legacy and purpose, and not succumb to your fears and doubts.

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