Legacy: The Courageous Fight

Have you ever loved something so much that you are willing to die for it? Have you ever been so passionate about a dream, a vision that you were willing to sacrifice until it hurt or push forward even when your family or friends don’t agree with you? It’s so funny that I can easily say “Yes” to the first question because I would readily place my life on the line for my children. Actually it would be without any hesitation or doubt. I would do this because I love them. I have a deep connection with my children. I have an innate response to protect them from bodily harm. I strongly desire for their future to be safe, prosperous, and happy. But I had to ask myself the question: what about my dreams, passions, and the purpose for why I am here and therefore my children. What about my legacy!!! I kept this tucked in another place unattached to my children, my family, and even myself (If the truth be told). I would love to say that I have always been passionate about my dreams and my legacy as I am now about my legacy, but the truth of the matter, I have not always been. WHY!!! The self-doubt, low self-esteem, and the minimization of who I am and my potential kept my dream and purpose nest empty. I allowed myself to be robbed, to be stolen from in plain sight of ME. The theft didn’t hide all the time, he just saw the fear in my eyes and the emptiness in my soul and TOOK IT. Sometimes in my cowardliness posture, I would offer up my dreams for false security and love.
A few months back, I had a revelation (I call it my miracle). I realized that my children ARE my legacy and my legacy is my divine purpose. WHAT AN ILLUMINATING MOMENT FOR ME. I realized that I must fight the COURAGEOUS FIGHT for both for all. God is so awesome…..Knowing I’m a visual learner…He gave me a visual of what that looked like. This visual came by way of the National Geographic channel. The segment was on fearless birds. The segment caught my eye because here was this small bird strategically flying over the top of an eagle (right between the wings and around the neck and head) with great precision and determination while attacking the eagle nonstop. WHY!!! Because the eagle was trying to steal it babies to devour them, but this small bird was not having it. The small bird actions didn’t give you no indication that it thought that the eagle was too big, too strong for it or did he believe that the eagle could conquer it. The small bird didn’t even think defeat all it knew was that it was going to protect its legacy at all cost. So it looked within and BELIEVED IN ITS POTENTIAL AND ABILITIES and acted without hesitation on it. Therefore, at the end of the segment the small bird nest remained intact and full of life and legacy.
After such a powerful visual and divine illumination, I have learned to fight with courage and determination for my legacy. Each day I strive to live an intentional life, a life that reflects who God has created me to be. I am one that is connected to an Almighty God who has all power and resources that I will ever need to live out and thrive in my divine purpose while preparing to leave behind a powerful legacy. NO!! I will not bow to fear. NO!! I will not succumb to self-hate. YES!!! I AM FEARLESS, INTELLIGENT, AND WITH INFINITE POTENTIAL…. Thank you little bird for the lesson.

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