Pull Closer to Your Destiny……

I have always looked for teachable moments with my kids. More so with my little one than my adult kids.  I think I need to get back to that.  I also try to relate current information with leadership skills that I believe need some improvement. But anyway, I recently had my own teachable moment. So here is go, I had arrived at a school in which I was dropping off some flyers for an event that I’m planning. Well, I drive in and I notice a young lady walked toward the gate that I just came in and proceeded to close and lock the gate behind us. I thought well I guess it’s okay I going inside the building.  Well after given my energetic talk about the upcoming youth event to the administrator I returned to my car.  Well, the catch was that the gate to leave the parking lot was closed. Ok, I thought, I got this. I’ll drive up and get out of my car and open gate then drive off.  Simple enough right?  Well, I go out of my car and  walked to the gate in my high heels and my very nice dress ( yes, I was looking quite nice) and begin to try and pull the gate open. No, it didn’t open ( my car is still running idle behind me with door open).  So, I thought I just need to pull a little hard, but it still didn’t open. I began to pull on what I thought was a latch that would unleash a lock, but to no avail. The gate still would not open.  So kind of confused as to why the gate wouldn’t open, I thought I’m just not pulling hard enough.  So spread my legs apart and squatted a bit and leaned back and pulled hard. As I was laying my weight on the gate, I heard a voice in the distance. I stopped harassing the gate and listen and the voices said, “PULL CLOSER”.  That is when I realized it was an automatic gate and all I needed to do was pull closer and it would open.  Yes, I was so embarrassed but all I could do was laugh and thank the man with cart for helping a lady out.  I learned several lesson from this comical moment. First, don’t assume all things are the same becasue they are called the same thing. I had visited several school that day that appears to be structured the same way, but apparently this school had more funds to use on an automatic gate.  How often have we assumed someone was going to respond a certain way to an “ask” or “question” and it turns out that they responded the opposite. Or even worse , how many times have you not asked questions or finished a goal because you assumed a negative response.  Assuming could keep one from thier purpose and their future goals.  PULL CLOSER TO YOUR PURPOSE and watch how doors will open for you.  I leave you with this verse to speak to how God will guide us as we walk and believe.
“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, And light unto my path. I have sworn, and have confirmed it, That I will observe thy righteous ordinances.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:105-106

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