Perspective is Everything…Staying in your Purpose

The last few days has been interesting. It funny when you set your mind on living intentional you begin to see your purpose and goals related to your purpose so clearly.  I am just amazed to see the work of God happening through me and around me.  It’s amazing to see my kids and see myself in thier strengths and weakness.  Sometime that statement is hard to swallow, but it’s true.  It’s easier to think these “dang” kids are just doing dumb stuff and I don’t understand them than to recognize that was once me. The wins are easy to celebrate and relate to oneself..LOL. You try to teach your children all the things that you learned from your  many mistakes, falls, and hurts.  It is funny (not really) that they learn from those things that you do while you are on automatic mode, just living, moving ,and surviving in this world.  I remember so clearly when my daughter was going through her teenage years (of hell) and I thought for sure I was going to go to jail or die. Some days I just really wasn’t sure.  This is why it’s wonderful to have friends that our older than oneself, because that whole statement that goes ,”been there done that is so true”.  You need these words of wisdom to keep your new super charged world in perspective.  One of my friends told me your sweet little princess is going to turn into someone you don’t know and may not like, but be patient she will one day be one of your best friends.  Well, It happen just as she spoke, but during that time of teenage fiery and being hell bent on doing thing her way (lol).  I was screaming, she was screaming. I was crying and she was crying.  One day when I was snitching on her to God in my so called prayer for her. When God spoke to my spirit so clearly and succinctly, I couldn’t help but to look inward at myself before looking at my daughter. I heard in my spirit ” You disappointed me but I still loved you unconditionally”.  It literally stopped me in my tracks. I begin to cry and realize I was judging my daughter more than trying to help her. This is the moment when I realized she is in so many ways my mini me.  I also realized her ways are really lined up with mine. I have survived ;therefore, I knew in my heart that she was going to be okay. See often times our worries about our childeren is that we don’t think they are smart enough to get through and survive life and will be harmed in some way.  But, I have unconsciously passed down stubbornness, strong-willed, leader, and disserment, which at her age sometimes looked like some many other things that was trying to get on my last nerve. Well, after that realization, I can’t say it was smooth sailing, but going through the rest of this phase with a different lense has made life in the house with a teenager good and sometime comical. 

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