Failure…I’m Moving On

Failure…. What a scary word, so we have been taught.  If you fail at something, we believe that it become us.  The funny thing about this word is that you could be feeling on top of the world and doing world changing things or doing things that is moving you closer to your purpose.  Then we hit a bump…yes sometimes its just a bump…. and we call it failure.  This one word can stop us in our track and even reverse or stop our motivation.  Its just a word, its just a one instance in your life…. It doesn’t have to make up your life.  I am coming to realize that keeping “failure” in its right place takes some thinking and reflecting….. Yes, it takes work.  Rethink your life. Step back. Get out of the rat race for a moment and look at yourself. At this point in time, realizing I’m worth the time and the work and I AM NOT WAITING FOR ANYONE TO AGREE WITH ME. This is one of the reasons why I love the song, “This is my time, by Kelly Price”.
It’s my time to rise
It’s my time to shine
It’s my time to live
It’s my time to fly
It’s my time
It’s my time
It also says “I will not let no one hold me down”.  Kelly Price also go on to say how she is going to encourage herself.  You have to be able to take the time to sit down and encourage yourself. My tried and proven method to be encouraged is to get by myself and mediate on one of my favorite verse, which is Jeremiah 29:11.  I then find me an upbeat song and dance to it while thinking (LOL).  Understanding failure and knowing it is just a bump in the road to my next level.  What happens when you hit a bump; it projects you up a little….This small upward bump is a time to learn from what I did or said and THEN keep it moving.  You can’t give way to your feelings.  Feeling are changing, instead stay with your purpose.  Your purpose is steady and unchanging.  You and me both deserve and is worthy of the best that life has to offer. We are deserving of more appreciation and respect and for just being simply who we are.  We have a DESTINY inside of us that is waiting to touch the world.  Snap out of it!!!  Those that are connect to you need you to reach your destiny but no one more important than yourself. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE TARGET(YOUR PURPOSE/DESTINY)!!!!!  Move on from that instance called failure.

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