Addressing My Reality……


What am I doing!!! I’m doing it again….Yes, Starting over!!! One can say that I definitely have staying power and no will power all at the same time…. All I know to do is to keep moving. Push Push Push keep trying keep fighting, hoping for something to happen. I am not afraid to start at all. What’s the bigger problem for me is to continue to the end. I keep asking myself when is the chart line going to rise to my occasion. When do my steady start. Okay, I know you are saying its up to you to finish or continue. Well, I know how it is to be on your side reading a blog and thinking just don’t stop, but then turn around and examine all my unfinished projects or purpose filled tasked.

Well it’s time for me to have my time to continue and finish. I feel my spirit ( I am a women of faith) telling me urging me to get started. Start scared, start feeling less than, start feeling like no one understands me, start feeling alone in the room full of people, start feeling like no one wants to hear me or what I have to say…..I’m starting no matter what. I am going to take on my journey because I can’t be the only one who feels this way. If so, then this blog is only for me. I’m starting my change process. Stay with me if you are feeling the same, we will get through to the other side and embrace our staying power. It’s our time to emerge from a state of self-doubt and allowing other to silently belittle us and prosper into who G0d has called us to be….WONDERFULLY AND SKILLFULLY MADE!!!!!

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